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With a fleet of over 100 traditional style purpose built taxis, we are one of the most reliable taxi service in Your town. No other Taxi firm knows All Star Cars like we do and that means whether you are an individual or a business, large or small, if you’re looking for taxis in Your town we can provide you with an efficient, reliable taxi service, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

You can be as assured of the finest service when booking with us. We aim to give you the customer the best possible taxi service that we can.

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About us
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We are a team of budding entrepreneurs who have got together to provide the corporate world the service they have been longing for. Having been clients of various minicab firms, we understand the importance of excellent customer service. We feel there is currently a gap in the market for our services and would like to introduce All Star Cars

Ask yourself:
– Have you been told your cab is around the corner every time you call?
– Have you had difficulty conversing with the driver?
– Have you been sent a dirty/old car?
– Have you ever received personalized service from your preferred minicab company?

9/10 your answers for the above are likely to be no for each question.

We are here to change that.

At All Star Cars we believe our clients deserve a service which exceeds their expectation and reflects their personality; at pocket friendly costs. We provide complimentary water along with the traditional open/closing doors and carrying luggage. Within our team, we have members with over 25 years of experience in the industry. This allows us to use the combined experience to train our drivers and ensure that every journey we provide is one to remember.

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All accounts are controlled by account numbers and bookings cannot be made on the account without first providing the account number.

This provides the added security for the clients in knowing that your account cannot be misused. If required, you can also set-up multiple account numbers for different members of your company.

Accounts offer the convenience of one detailed monthly invoice giving a full breakdown of who used the cab, the pick-up and drop-off details as well as an individual price for each booking.

Download and complete our very simple account application form and FAX/ Email it to the address below. Once received, we will have your account up and running within 72 hours. If you have any difficulty in downloading this form or any queries whilst completing please call our accounts department on at the above telephone number and they will be more than happy to assist you.

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0208 558 1000

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